Street Smart Real Estate Investing Virtual  Brainstorming 
with Active Investors

July 4, 2017  7:00 - 8:00 PM MDT


Street Smart Real Estate Investing 
Virtual Brainstorming Sessions.

We are happy to help you find creative ways to structure your deals, analyze them, find in & exit strategies & other real estate investing concerns. We are pleased to announce, we will address all your queries. 

Things to Know:
Make sure you have your questions, microphone & camera ready. This is a mutual brainstorming meeting not a webinar.
You will be un-muted and on camera all the time

Who can attend:
We are welcoming all members of the organization with prioritized registration process to Active Investors

What that means?
We have 15 spots available.
Priority Registration will be given to paying Active Investors. 
Other guests can join when free spots will be available, 
Pls see on the right for availability  
This is what Street Smart Real Estate Investing is about. 

Registration is limited, act now! 
Have your questions ready and we can discuss all during meeting. 

Don't miss this chance to talk to Canada Real Estate Investors Club  Founder - Jarek Bucholc and his team . Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


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